Workplace 3.0 in Milan 2017, a preview

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The annual appointment with the Salone del Mobile at Fiera Milano in Rho is a must for every architect and interior designer. In 2017 it will be on April 4th to 9th and this year it will feature the Office Shop Workplace 3.0.

From furniture to furnishings, lighting and office furniture: these are the many proposals of the more than 2500 exhibitors are characterized by quality and innovation. Over the years all these characteristics have led Milan to become the capital of the furniture.

I Saloni occupy more than 200 thousands square meters of exhibition fairgrounds with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Euroluce / Office Shop Workplace 3.0, the International Exhibition of Furnishing and SaloneSatellite.

Lavoro in Wireframe per lo stand della Colombo Mobili, Salone del mobile, Fiera di Milano Rho, aprile 2014

Wireframe Work for the stand of Colombo Mobili, Salone del mobile, Fiera di Milano Rho, aprile 2014.

In continuity with the path started two years ago by the French architect Jean Nouvel with its Project: Office for Living, even the side event of this year’s Milan Furniture Fair will be dedicated to the theme of the working environment. In fact the Biennial dedicated to the world of work this year is called Workplace3.0 / SaloneUfficio and proposes a new way to design the workspace as a whole.

Italian international architect Michele De Lucchi is the curator of the exhibition event in Workplace3.0 pavilions, designed to create an area dedicated to proposals and design ideas for living the workspace in different and various meanings .

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Not only cities are nowadays defined as smart, but offices tooSmart is intended to be a new quality of life in which man becomes the active protagonist. Guaranteeing spaces for individual working and for sharing is no longer enough, a new relationship based on trust (creative confidence) now needs to be activated, “trust&sharing”.

A new cultural revolution is going on, visible yet dispersed in fragments, putting design at the service of humanity, in order to produce joy. An anthropocentric approach to design: antropodesign, meaning a form of thought language, a mental activity, a synthesis of intuition, imagination, invention, innovation, a sensory device.

A Joyful Sense at Work is the result of a process of exchange, cooperation and research carried out by people from a range of disciplines and aims to find and lay down the foundations for a new approach to workplace design, with a whole new theory of office and workspace planning.
These days, knowing how to read and listen to needs should be the keystones of design in which overturning the rules and the definition of a few simple variables can define the new workplace as an adaptive organism, less rigid and more capable of redesigning themselves instantly.

A sustainable project is therefore one that satisfies the needs, the expectations and the rights of the individual. In this context, the designer becomes a mediator of needs, capable of designing complete and finished spaces, which, equally, are unfinished, adaptive and resilient.

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“A Joyful Sense at Work” installation has served as the point of departure for the journey, a trailer that will lead us to SaloneUfficio 2017. The installation has been conceived as a compelling experiment with form and function that identifies us in a new way, different, with man at its centre and emotion first and foremost amongst its functions.

Offices are going through very challenging times. It is not just the products that are undergoing change, but the very way in which work and the workplace are being envisioned. It would be reductive these days to think about smart offices merely in terms of the developing technologies: “smart” is also a new quality of life, an anthropocentric approach to design, a new humanism and a cultural revolution that harnesses design for the needs of humanity in a bid to generate joy.

All this has sparked “A Joyful Sense at Work”, the installation commissioned by Assufficio and created by the architect Cristiana Cutrona, founder of the ReValue practice, and designer of some of the most outstanding examples of smart offices in Italy.

Several other figures from the art world were involved in putting the installation together: Filippo Riniolo was responsible for the video installation, and Roberta Maddalena and Tommaso Melideo of Studio Quantica for the site-specific sculptures, with artistic direction from Francesco Cascino.


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