The Underground SPA in Mâcon

Are you an underground spaces lover? Maybe you prefere SPA and a good massage instead.
In both cases you will love Atrium SPA & Beauté, an underground massage center in Mâcon, France.

The Atrium Spa & Beauté is located in the historic town of Mâcon, in the heart of eastern France.

Don’t be fooled by what it appears to be, because it’s not just like any other wellness center as it appears to be from the outside: take the elegant marbled porcelain stairs stairs and see for yourself how stylish can be an underground facility, equipped with relaxing ambient lighting and luxurious treatment rooms.

Italian designer Alberto Apostoli, international leader in SPA design, took care of the conversion of the basement space into a upscale setting.

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The first level, where one can receive face, hand and hair SPA treatments, is conventional but way more chic. Once you take the staircase down to the lower level, you will experience a soothing and soft atmosphere, thanks to the careful use of indirect LED strip lighting.

The general concept of the project was to highlight the existing, giving expressive power to the project. Special technical solutions have been adopted to resolve the problems related to the reduced height of the space.

The whole underground space is 270 square meters wide and fits a Finnish sauna, steam bath made entirely out of glass, and a space dedicated to hydro massage.

All the rooms, two single ones and one double downstairs feature expressly custom designed Italian furniture. To accompany the walls in natural stone, Apostoli planned to use a black and white color palette throughout the rooms,  with a few splashes of gold.

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“What is great and satisfying in the end is the mix of contemporary materials, techical solutions and pre-existing stone, managed through a thoughtful creative process”, said Apostoli.

“The owners trusted us entirely in our designing process and this led to a stunning achievement from the point of view of consistency in both techology and style.”

The Atrium Spa & Beauté is close to Saint Pierre’s Church in Mâcon. With the current transformation, one would never think that space have served as a crypt hundreds of years ago.

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