New Pedrali Showroom, Calvi Brambilla Architects

Industrial Symphony is the name of new showroom by Italian company Pedrali, producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes.

As its name suggests, the new Pedrali showroom is dedicated to an to the industrial nature of Pedrali furniture moving harmoniously through innovation and tradition, excellence in manufactoryin, creativity and quality engineering.

Architecture studio Calvi Brambilla, based in Milan, has been asked to design the showroom in Mornico al Serio, in the company headquarters.

New Pedrali Showroom by Calvi Brambilla Architects: chairs

Chairs and sofas display. Photo by the Company

Architects Paolo Brambilla and Fabio Calvi said that their were fascinated seeing Pedrali at the very first time. They saw a real powerful industry, with modern and high technology production plants, able to produce impressive quantities of pieces every days, while not losing a constant quality control.

“This was our impression on Pedrali since the very first day. We wanted the showroom, beyond enhancing the beauty of the products, to convey therefore the idea Pedrali is not just a brand, but a solid manufacturing company built on organisational efficiency”.

The major inspiration for the project is a modern factory, with its rhythms and movements and dynamic variations, just like an industrial symphony where wood, metal, leather and every other material are the notes of this completely made-in-Italy composition.

New Pedrali Showroom by Calvi Brambilla Architects: walls

One of the sliding display walls. Photo by the Company

The new showroom features a serie of large display elements, they can move and recall an industrial trolley. Interesting to note how an anonymous and silent object like an industrial trolley gives such a great attention to details and distinctive features of each top design product on it.

These moving modules become unmistakable and characterising graphic signs, with its red handles and wheels, and create a well balanced blend of practicality and beauty.

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They can be easily arranged in the space of the showroom, creating an infinite array of settings, everyone recalling the world of contract: from a hotel lounge to a sophisticated pastry shop, from a meeting room to a contemporary bistrot.

New Pedrali Showroom by Calvi Brambilla Architects: Compasso d'Oro Award

The prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro Award. Photo by the Company

All the showroom space is surrounded by two 18 meters long walls covered with mirrors. These mirrors fast slide and fold revealing another extra surprise-space for Pedrali furniture.

In the end Calvi Brambilla Architects designed a new display to host the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass).
ADI Compasso d’Oro Award is the most prestigious, influential and older international design award and prestigious award, won by Pedrali in 2011 for Frida chair.

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