New Stefano Boeri Airport in Shanghai, China


Renowned Italian studio SBA by Stefano Boeri has been commissioned a project for the interior design and renovation of the Pudong Airport in Shanghai, China.

In this airport you will relax in a nature-filled lounge while breathing fresh, clean air instead of being taken hostage by stress, pollution and rushing. The new lounge for the Pudong Airport in Shanghai will be an incredible jungle-like environment.

The project involves two of the airport terminals, creating in Terminal 1 a so called Sky Jungle, a space dense of nature inside a commonly artificial and mineral environment filled with a mix of trees, flowers and bushes.


Preliminary visualization for Pudong Airport in Shanghai, by Stefano Boeri Architects

There also will be integrations with technical devices that regulate the fluxes of travellers, so that the Sky Jungle could work as an air cleansing device in which multiple activities happen.

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For Terminal 2 Stefano Boeri Architects designed an enclosed space dedicated to be a rest area with distinct private rooms. This space connects to the exhibition room on the second floor.


Preliminary visualization for Pudong Airport in Shanghai, by Stefano Boeri Architects

Italian architect Stefano Boeri, former editor-in-chief of the international magazine Domus from 2004 to 2007 and Abitare from 2007 to 2011, is the designer behind Bosco Verticale (vertical forest), inaugurated in October 2014 in Milan in the Porta Nuova Isola area, as part of a wider renovation project led by Hines Italy.

Milan’s Vertical Forest consists of two towers, 80 and 112 metres tall, hosting 500 trees among large and medium, plus 300 small trees, 5000 shrubs and 11000 perennial and covering plants. The equivalent of 20000 sqm of forest and undergrowth over an urban surface of 1500 square meters.

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