Moleskine Café in Milan: Creativity in the City


The Moleskine Café is a store, a library, an art gallery and of course a café all in one. It is the new concept by Moleskine, a contemporary reinterpretation of the idea of the café littéraire, a new space in Brera Design District, Milan, where you can relax while being creative, enjoying your cup of delicious coffee.

Designed a là Moleskine with essential clean aesthetics and a contemporary palette of neutral colors thanks to the efforts of Pedrali who furnished it, Moleskine Café is somewhere to be energized and stimulated by coffee, culture and conversation with spaces also dedicated to silence, perfect for unplugging, reading and creating.

Moleskine Café in Milan, photo by <a href="">Michele Morosi</a>

Moleskine Café in Milan, photo by Michele Morosi

This is where the world of Moleskine – the notebooks that Bruce Chatwin was referring to when he wrote “To lose a passport was the least of one’s worries. To lose a notebook was a catastrophe” – has become an actual place.

What you might call a creative hub really, because apart from being a place to get together with friends and recharge your batteries over a great coffee – which obviously takes centre stage here – and the cultivated cuisine where even the food tells a story, the Moleskine Café is also a showcase for the Moleskine community.

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It even boasts an interactive wall where artwork, illustrations and design pieces by designers, quirky artists and creative professionals from around the world are on display.

Moleskine Café in Milan, photo by <a href="">Michele Morosi</a>

Moleskine Café in Milan, photo by Michele Morosi

The new format is ready to be replicated in major cities worldwide. Coffee and food take center stage of course, but you can drift over to the shop corner to pick up and feel the objects in the large Moleskine collection.

The understated interior design of the Moleskine Café exudes calmness, marked by essential lines and a neutral colour palette. The floor-to-ceiling windows encourage engagement and interaction with the outdoor dining terrace and the street.

If you are looking for a place to hang out or networking then head for the large communal table. Conversely, there are smaller tables near the counter, or relaxing armchairs and sofas on the mezzanine if you feel the need to focus on your projects.

Moleskine Café in Milan, photo by <a href="">Michele Morosi</a>

Moleskine Café in Milan, photo by Michele Morosi

A partnership with Milan-based coffee roasters Sevengrams brings carefully selected expresso blends and extra fine single origin filter coffee to the table. Coffee beans in special Moleskine packaging will be on sale, the paperband wraps with illustrations by a range of authors will tell the stories of the places, peoples and roasting traditions of the coffee inside.

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The menu focuses on healthy, peculiar combinations of tastes and aromas from all over the world including gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups and glorious breakfast and brunch selections.

“Somewhere new to talk, write, read, drink, eat” according to the Moleskine Café tagline; a place that brings the design and identity of this famous brand to life, thanks to the concept developed in association with the international consultancy firm, Interbrand.

Moleskine Café is in Milan at Corso Garibaldi 65, check it out on Facebook and let us know if you like it!

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