La Petrilleria Bistrot by Insula studio, Rome

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If you’ll take a walk in Pinciano, an elegant neighborhood in Rome, you could spot La Petrilleria, the new bistrot and delicatessen shop designed by Italian studio Insula.

This project took care of the renovation of an old vaulted ceiling boutique into a day&night double place, where you can find a bistrot for a quick lunch or for enjoying a classic Italian aperitivo, and an epicerie, where you can taste and buy Emilia Romagna traditional products like prosciutto, parmigiano or mortadella.

La Petrilleria, Rome.

La Petrilleria, Rome. Photo by Luigi Filetici

The place is only 63 sqm wide and Insula decided to transform in project’s positive issues this peculiarity instead of treat it as a limit, and designed a very well composed venue. The guys at Insula took advantage of the natural slope and created a double-height place. There is an area for the entrance, the kitchen, toilets and storage and another one completely focused  and dedicated to customers.

La Petrilleria, Rome.

La Petrilleria, Rome. Photo by Luigi Filetici

Once enter you will be in the kitchen and you can see how the room is dominated by a 7 meter long custom designed stone counter. Above the counter a huge bespoke pendant lamp is found with its diffuse warm light, making the space feel intimate.

“Our aim with the project was to realize a very familiar and warm place, with a relaxed and cozy aesthetic. A place where to sit, have a drink and easily meet people and socialize.”

There is also place for two small relax corners by the windows, with red leather poufs and armchairs along with iron frame coffee tables. Other small mild metal tables are set against the side walls for a more intimate tête-à-tête diners while, on the upper side, shelving systems are filled with glasses and bottles.

La Petrilleria, Rome.

La Petrilleria, Rome. Photo by Luigi Filetici

Insula Studio designed the lighting system to emphasize the smoothness and warmness of the atmosphere. Every light source in La Petrilleria is hidden and, in addition to the big lamp, two suspended open metal frames are installed to uplight the ceiling with a soft lighting. In order to bring natural light inside the bistrot, particular attention was paid to the design of the steel-framed and full-height windows, incorporating hinged windows at the upper section and frosted glass panels at lower one.

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It is worth highlighting that all the furniture is designed by Insula itself, with a keen eye to textured materials such as wood, leather, steel that provide an interesting tactile experience. The floor is paved with black grès tiles with a french herringbone pattern.

More info on La Petrilleria Facebook page and Insula homepage.

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