EXPO Italian Pavilion wins ACI Excellence Award

Italian pavilion expo aci cover

The American Concrete Institute is a lead authority and a worldwide resource for the distribution and development of technical resources, certification, educational and training programs involving excellence in concrete design and construction, with the only aim to pursuing the best use of concrete.

ACI was born in 1904 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. It has over 95 chapters, more then one hundred student chapters and nearly 20 thousands over 120 countries.

Now the American Concrete Institute highest Excellence Award was presented to Palazzo Italia (Expo 2015 Italian Pavilion) located in Milan, Italy.

The project was submitted by the ACI Italy Chapter. Eleven additional global projects were recognized during the packed Gala event at The Concrete Convention and Exposition in Philadelphia.

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The awards were created to honor the most creative projects in the concrete industry, and to provide a platform to recognize concrete excellence, innovation, and technology across the globe.

In order to be eligible for participation in the Excellence Awards, projects needed to be winners at a local Chapter level and submitted by that Chapter, or chosen by one of ACI’s International Partners.

ACI President Michael J. Schneider encouraged chapters not participating in a local awards program to use the ACI Project Awards Guide to begin this process.  “As the ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards Gala proves, these efforts will be well-worth the time,” Schneider noted.

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During the Gala’s program, ACI Past President William E. Rushing stated that “As we hear more tonight about the technological advances utilized in these global projects, I know we can learn from our international peers and acknowledge the amazing progress taking place all over the world.  I look forward to witnessing even more international collaboration in the years to come, and recognizing those efforts on this stage.”

The entry period is now open for the 2017 Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards.  Submittals are due by April 3, 2017.

So let us know your favourite concrete buildings for this year in the comments below!

Thanks to Giacomo Carena for the photo on the top of the article.

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