Corporate Art Awards 2016: Time to Vote!

corporate art awards 2016

More than five centuries after Medici Florence, Italy  is once again an international landmark for patronage launching the Corporate Art Awards.

Corporate Art Awards aim to enforce visibility, recognition and reputation for the best practices in the collaboration between the Corporate world and the Art world.

Companies that are actively involved in the Art world tend to be successful in terms of profitability and seem to have overcome most ethical, environmental and social challenges.

International response has been very strong, with confirmations from, among others, by United States, China, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Ireland, Holland, South Africa, Brasil, Italy itself, etc.

Read also:  La Petrilleria Bistrot by Insula studio, Rome

You can vote your favourite project in one click within November 10th visiting the Corporate Art Awards website here!

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