Breaking Italian Stereotypes

Italian stereotyps

Italians are one of the most famous populations in the world, not just for the migratory phenomenon that has seen us invade every corner of the planet but also for the amount of stereotypes that we bring a dowry.

The words pasta, musical accent, gestures, loud and romantic are often used to portray Italians. But do these clichés really describe us

Here are some stereotypes that truly represent Italians.

Italians love spaghetti

Italian Stereotypes

It is partially true. Italians cannot live without pasta, but spaghetti is just one of several varieties of this dish. We are the largest consumers of pasta in the world and the masters of cooking it.

Our food menu is different according to the Italian region you are, but every dish is prepared with high quality ingredients. Italians are excellent cooks and the expert of the Slow Food movement.

We don’t like eating alone, so sharing a meal is a way to spend time together and to enjoy life.

Italians are (sometimes) late

Italian Stereotypes

The only reason why we often are late is because we like doing things together and we are too optimistic about the time. This multitasking inclination requires time and dedication.

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We could even say that we are always on time –Italian time!

It is always time for a good Cappuccino


Italian breakfast is a lovely routine from which you can not escape. Unlike the traditional American breakfast, which consists of eggs and bacon, the original Italian one usually includes a cappuccino and a cornetto.

Making a good cappuccino is an art and Italians are the leader of mixing the right amount of coffee, milk and foam. If you are planning to taste our delicious breakfast do not enter to Starbucks, please.

No verbal communication

no verbal communication

Italy is the only country where you can have a conversation with someone just through hand gestures.

Yes, the way we speak is completely original. It could be painful for us talking without moving or shaking our hands. In case they are busy doing something else, we begin moving shoulders or other parts of the body. Don’t be worry for that: we are not fighting, we are just having a passionate conversation.

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Italians like public affection

Italian Stereotypes

The stereotype of the Italian romantic lover is still alive. It is not a surprise to see lovers hugging and kissing each other in public. You should not be amazed to see two male friends showing affection by walking closely together or greeting each other with two kisses on the cheeks.

Italian chaos

Italian chaos

“Easy” is not a word which matches with our country: nothing in Italy is well organized. Italians are used to struggle to get the minimal information and to face the stressful bureaucracy in the daily life.

Jumping the queue or fighting to get into the buses are just the reactions of our motionless system.

Italian family

Italian family

Family is so important for Italians who tend to live close to their parents or in the same house.

Italians reside at their parents’ house until they have enough money to buy an apartment. For this reason many of them leave their homes in adulthood.

Therefore Italians reputation of being mummy’s boys is not totally true.

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