Articles by The Italian Architect

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol: from Napoli with Love

“There is a line that connects Naples and New York, that line which on the Atlas indicates the latitude, but much beyond this geographical position, this liaison imaginary, exists a thread of a close similitude … A city which lives day-to-day a fragmentary

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Italian stereotyps

Breaking Italian Stereotypes

Italians are one of the most famous populations in the world, not just for the migratory phenomenon that has seen us invade every corner of the planet but also for the amount of stereotypes that we bring a dowry.

The words pasta, musical accent, gestures, loud and

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Made in Italy

The Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a merchandise mark used since 1980 to state the Italian excellence in the “Four A”:  Abbigliamento (clothing), Agroalimentare (food), Arredamento (furniture) and Automobili (cars).

Since 1999 the label Made in Italy

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