9 Great Italian Restaurants Outside Italy

Cecconi's, italian restaurant in Istanbul

If you want to taste the true italian food there’s nothing like eating in Italy, we all agree that’s true. Nevertheless, there is plenty of great Italian restaurants all around the world, so you can be sure to experience the real italian style.
Here is a selection of our favourite italian restaurants outside Italy.

Mulino a Vino

Mulino a Vino, italian restaurants in Manhattan, New York

Mulino a Vino, Manhattan

“Mulino a vino” means something like winemill and represents the New York dream by Italian Chef Davide Scabin come true.

Scabin, two Michelin stars for Combal.zero in Rivoli, entrusted SGS Architects in Italy to plan interiors and furnitures.

An open kitchen, tailor made tables  organized in an informal and quiet space and a well planned lighting in minute detail make Mulino a Vino the right place to taste real Italian cuisine.


Basilico, italian restaurants in Singapore

Basilico, Singapore

The neo-futuristic Regent Hotel in Singapore (formerly known as the Pavilion InterContinental Hotel) built in 1982 by John Portman Associates, houses the magnificent Basilico.

Chef Luca Beccalli began his culinary career when he was 15 years old working in boutique hotels and small restaurants in Italy first, than in many other italian restaurants across Europe and North America.

Beccalli’s creations follow the traditional essence of Italian home-style cooking with a reflection of his modern and vibrant personality: young, colourful and Italian!


Pepe Nero, italian restaurants in Shenzhen

Pepe Nero, Shenzhen

Among the many Italian restaurants in China we chose Pepenero right in the heart of Shenzhen, just a few kilometers from Hong Kong.

The guys at Pepenero are specialized in serving a wide variety of traditional Italian dishes, from on-point risotto to handmade pizza. They are also very proud of their selections of ILLY’s distinctive espresso beans, to complete your dinner with the authentic experience of italian coffee.

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Hong Kong boutique design studio Spatial Concept took charge of the interior design with an eye and inspiration to street bistros in Milan. So if you are looking for an elegant and welcoming Italian spot in Shenzhen you can’t miss Pepenero.

La Bella Società

La Bella Società, italian restaurants in Moscow

La Bella Società, Moscow

At  the feet of the world famous Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow and a few steps away from the Bolshoi Theatre you can taste true italian cuisine in La Bella Società.

The restaurant is specialized in sicilian and northern Italian dishes, besides classic pizzas and pan-asian cuisine.

Wide, elegant and tasteful rooms let you experience a well balanced dinner between luxury and informality, where you can take advantage of the extensive selection of italian wines.


Bussola, italian restaurant in Dubai

Bussola, Dubai

Bussola Italian Restaurant, located in the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, is in fact a concept including 3 Italian restaurants in one. Project and planning by Donato Architects.

You can eat world famous italian pizzas in the upper deck or you may prefer a classic dinner in the restaurant, but we know you can’t miss Bussola’s famous Aperitivo Night in the Bussola Lounge by Peroni.

The heart is of course the restaurant itself, where Chef Marco offers you his selection of traditional italian dishes, with classics from the north to the south of Italy.

Rozzi’s Italian Canteen

Rozzi's Italian Canteen, italian restaurants in Melbourne

Rozzi’s Italian Canteen, Melbourne. Photo by Shannon McGrath

Rozzi’s Italian Canteen is a franchise consisting of several Italian restaurants in Australia, offering their exciting fast casual dining.

Rozz’s distinctive trait is to create interesting and unique places to enjoy simple and great tasting real Italian food in a friendly and home-style kitchen environment.

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We choose the Melbourne store becausethe interior design studio Mim Design made here an excellent work, dealing with the traditional italian kitchen concept with a clean, fresh and contemporary approach.

Osteria Pronto

Osteria Pronto, italian restaurants in Austin, Texas

Osteria Pronto, Austin

Right inside the new JW Marriott Austin hotel by HKS Architects, in Texas’ capitol city, you can have dinner in Osteria Pronto, among the top Italian restaurants in Austin.

Chef Gilberto Ramirez runs the restaurants. He’s one of the most innovative executive chefs in Austin is a talented culinarian with a wealth of knowledge in mediterranean and italian cuisine.

Osteria Pronto serves traditional Italian cuisine plus their signature italian-inspired dishes including Straw & Hay, Lasagna and Bone In Veal Picatta.


Popolo, italian restaurants in Sydney

Popolo, Sydney

Popolo is a the dream by former waiters Flavio Carnevale and Fabio Dore, with many years’ experience working in renown Italian restaurants throughout Europe.

Now in a friendly, informal and cozy place they offer authentic and simple dishes influenced by southern Italy.

The name Popolo means people and according to the Sydney’s restaurant food philosophy it’s all about people: “from the people who produce, prepare and serve the food & wine to those who most importantly come to taste it”.


Cecconi's, italian restaurants in Istanbul

Cecconi’s, Istanbul

Cecconi’s is a chain of Italian restaurants with stores in London, Berlin, Miami, Hollywood and Istanbul, the one we chose here in Istanbul.

In 1873 Ignazio Corpi, a powerful genoese shipbuilder, engaged Italian architect Giacomo Leoni to build a beautiful and elegant palace in Istanbul. Name of the palace is Palazzo Corpi and Cecconi’s is hosted in its courtyard.

Cecconi’s offers hand-made pasta, seafood, cicchetti and many other dishes from northern Italy using a selection of the best ingredients, served in a classy space furnished with a good old fashioned taste.


These were our favourite Italian restaurants outside Italy. Don’t forget to let us know your selection with a comment!

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