6 Reasons You Should Start Learning Italian

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”. (Nelson Mandela)

Some people want to learn English, others are attracted by the French charm, and there are those who learn the language of the “dolce vita”, ranked as the fourth most studied language in the world. Here are some reasons why so many people decide to study Italian:

Italian is the most romantic of the romance languages

Romeo: “io giuro il mio amore sulla luna.” Giulietta: “Non giurare sulla luna, questa incostante che muta di faccia ogni mese, nel suo rotondo andare! (William Shakespeare)”

Italian is a language that is pleasant to hear with most words ending in a vowel and a cadenced sentence structure. It has a melody that makes it quite a easy language to understand and to speak.

Italian is considered as the language of art, love and seduction. Foreigners are attracted by the musicality of the language, the charm of its words and the pleasure of its sounds. Everybody knows the romantic words and love phrases which let “Romeo e Giulietta” be famous.

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The amazing Italian cuisine
Spaghetti ao pomodoro

Italian is the language with the highest number of terms for describing food, dishes and restaurants. Every capital city in the world has an Italian restaurant. It’s worth learning Italian to order “spaghetti al pomodoro” with confidence: the service and the food will be wonderful.

Italian cuisine is ranked first and highly regarded all over the world.

Music lovers choose Italian

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–91) by Barbara Krafft (1764–1825), 1819

Italian knowledge allows you to appreciate and enjoy classical music. Mozart composed mostly of his masterpieces in Italian rather than in German because Italian was a more poetic language and more idiomatic to singing than German. At the time it was normal practice to write serious operas in Italian in spite of musicians’ nationality or that of their public.

Fashion and Design are Italian

Bottega Veneta Bianca Balti

Italy is a leading country in fashion and design. Fashion has always been a predominant part of the Country’s cultural life and Italians are famous for their dressing-up care.

A knowledge of Italian allows you to immerse in the work of well-known designers such as Armani, Valentino, Benetton, Versace, Gucci and Prada, and to be employed at one of the worldwide fashion houses.

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Western culture speaks Italian

Michelangelo's "David"

According with a UNESCO report over 60% of the worldwide cultural heritage belong to Italy. Learning Italian is the key to read up and study art, literature, history and philosophy.

It would be an amazing chance to read “La Divina Commedia” in the words of Dante Alighieri, considered to be the father of the Italian language. You would have the possibility to learn about history of the Renaissance Art, to know what inspired Michelangelo in his poems and sculptures.

Italian hand gestures in conversation


We are theatrical and passionate, therefore we use so many gestures while speaking to you.

Sometimes words are not enough to state a feeling. Using hand gestures and facial expressions we break down all communication barriers. It’s worth to come to Italy to appreciate this way of speaking, we don’t have a dictionary for it.

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